Thursday, May 5, 2011


Ah, Portland, where everyone here loves sunshine more than anything else.  So true. 

I think it's fair to say everyone also loves free stuff (not free crap, mind you, free-good-quality-sweet-score type of stuff).  And who doesn't love free food?

If this is you then please don't miss the MAY re-use-o-rama.  THIS IS THE FINAL TRY FOLKS.  So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, help make this a success.

By popular request- an accessory swap.  If it fits into this category BRING IT!!!  Whether male or female, come one come all!
Think: shoes, purses, scarves, ties, cuff links, jewelry, hair decorations, hats, YOU KNOW, ACCESSORIES!

Held Saturday May 28th from 11am to noon.  Quick and dirty.  You will get a food ticket good for a free slice of pizza at The Mississippi Pub- where the event will be held in the music room- 3552 N. Mississippi Ave.

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  1. Have you done an event via Facebook for this or sent the information to She'll post the information on her website if you submit it. She does all the big swaps around town (and was featured on KATU on April 16th). I'd definitely love to do an accessories swap and will post it via my Meetup group.